December 12, 2017

Let Me Get that for You

Students exit the rear entrance to the Ruane Center for the Humanities.
Students exit the rear entrance to the Ruane Center for the Humanities.

“Let me get that for you.”

It’s one of the first things many visitors to campus notice — people at PC will hold the door open for you. It doesn’t matter how far away you are. It doesn’t matter if it’s pouring rain or perfectly sunny. If we know you’re coming, we’ll help you in.

The gesture is kind, to be sure, but it’s what’s behind it that defines life at Providence College. Behind every door held and every smile shared is a sense of community that runs deep. Friars are united as learners, whether they’re navigating Development of Western Civilization together or diving deep into their particular fields. Friars join together in service, applying their diverse strengths to help their neighbors on and off campus. Like a family, Friars are there for one another during the struggles and successes, hard times and celebrations.

And there’s a lot to celebrate. More than 100 student organizations open doors to new interests, experiences, and friendships. Students pour through the doors at the Dunk and Schneider Arena to cheer on our BIG EAST athletics teams. And intramural and club sports aren’t just a pastime here. They’re a way of life.

College opens doors to so many life-changing experiences. At PC, there will always be someone waiting, ready to welcome you inside.